GM Charity

The GM and DGM were very pleased to present to the National Masonic Foundation for Children, the contributions received from the ACGL Charity Fund and Donations in memory of PGM Hugh Black while attending the Conference of Grand Masters in Vancouver this past February 14-17 2015
Totaling $2225.00
Special Thanks to PGM Art Kile, and PGM Buck Buchanan for their Donations.

James Barrett GM

The Grand Master, M.W. James Barrett, presented $5000,00 to the National Masonic Foundation for Children at the Grand Master's Conference in Baltimore 2014.

2014 – 2015 Charity:

The three principal moral virtues of Freemasonry are faith, hope, and charity— The last virtue Charity does not require much elaboration to a Freemason, because Charity is known to be the essential characteristic of a Freemason’s heart. The universal charity of a mason is the charity of his heart and of his love. Within the compass of his mind, he measures and draws the Square of his conduct, and within that square, having honestly provided for his own household, he forms his little angles of benevolence and charity to the distressed of all communities.Contributions made to the Grand Masters charity fund for the ensuing year, will be divided and donated equally to The National Masonic Foundation for Children, and the Frauenhaus Germany.

The National Masonic Foundation for Children (NMFC) is a non-profit, charitable organization established in 1986 by the North American Conference of Grand Masters. This organization was founded in response to the threat of what substance abuse and addiction poses to our children, and the NMFC seeks to confront these problems by fostering prevention, and assistance. I am proud to report, that this past year the ACGL was able to donate $5000.00 to this cause. From the bottom of my heart - Thank you very, very much, for your contributions.

The Association of Women's Shelters (Frauenhaus e.V.)is a non-profit organization working under the auspices of the major German welfare organizations and sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. The Frauenhaus e.V. devotes itself to reducing violence against women and children, by establishing effective support for abused women and children. Each year approximately 40,000 women and at least the same number of children turn to them for protection. Apart from temporary safe accommodations the service of women's shelters comprises counselling and support with regard to psycho-social, legal and financial problems. This includes assistance in dealing with the authorities, long term living quarters, job securing subsistence, and continued offering of support on their way to an independent and self-determined life -- without violence.

A Freemason’s charity is made as his circumstances in life may fairly warrant ,and we should be practical in our approach to Charity and practice it without detriment to our connections or ourselves. Not only in Freemasonry, but also generally speaking, when we talk of Charity, we do not talk in terms of monetary help, which of course is important, but also think of Charity in thought word and deed, which is what makes a person, a perfect Freemason and truly an ornament to the society of which he is a member.


James E. Barrett, “Proudly Serving Masonry”
Grand Master- 2013-2015
American Canadian Grand Lodge AF & AM